Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Must Remember This, A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

The controversial Benetton Ad --WWJD?
Just a thought about the Vatican’s reaction to the Benetton “unhate ad” featuring His Holiness Pope Benedict kissing a prominent Egyptian Imam.  If it were me and my photo locking lips with someone—anyone, Benjamin Netanyahu, Phyllis Schalfly, or even Cardinal Burke—could make people hear the message that love must overcome hatred and prejudice, go for it.  Hell, I’ll pose for the picture, the real thing, if it will get the message of “unhate” across.  I’m doing my Christmas shopping at Benetton.  Lighten up, Your Holiness, and you can be the Light of the World.  
Second thought—about the new translation of the mass.  The monastery where I usually go to mass began using the new missal today (Nov 17th).  It wasn’t bad.  For the most part—not entirely, but for the most part, I liked it even better than the Sacramentary.  Now it may be that the particular priest who celebrated the mass is a very prayerful presider and was well prepared but I did like it.  We will see over time.  There are some theological problems—from a historical point of view—and we will talk about them in entries after the missal is officially introduced in a week and a half but there are some nice touches to the new wording.      

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