Monday, November 5, 2012

1 800 HELP NOW

When President Obama's team picked  a fight with the Catholic Church over contraceptive coverage for employees of Catholic institutions, I stopped contributing to the campaign even though I believe that the ultimate solution is a reasonable one--that the insurance companies and not the Catholic institutions themselves have to pay for the coverage.  I am disappointed and even angry that we Catholics who have supported the President in the face of so much internal pressure from bishops and priests were "left out on a limb" by a foolish policy decision.  So anyway I still have money I had budgeted for the campaign and now I want to contribute that to hurricane relief.  I have been trying to call the Red Cross all day at the ABC hurricane relief hotline--1 800 HELP NOW and just can't get through. It is amazing how tough it can be to give money away!  I will keep trying however as I think this is a worthy cause.  You might want to consider it too.   Oh, and by the way, I will be sending checks to Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA as well.  Maybe you might want to do the same

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