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As If I Need Another Reason to Hate the Red Sox

Cesar (not Hugo) Chavez
In the last post, I wrote of the concerns of Marielana Montesino de Stuart about Pope Francis and his supposedly liberal views.  As I mentioned Ms. Montesino de Stuart represents the intelligent wing of the neo-trads.  Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. 
Did you ever wonder what happened to the unfortunates that President Reagan turned out of the mental hospitals in ‘80’s?  Well, I found one of them.  She moved to Boston and started a blog called The Tenth Crusade.   I must admit that I am of the school that wonders if anything good can come from Boston so I may be unduly prejudiced but the poor woman snapped again and suffered a relapse Easter Morning when she saw Cesar Chavez’s face on Google.  Not knowing the difference between Cesar Chavez and Hugo Chavez, this is what she wrote:

Google Posts Chavez's Communist Puss On Easter Sunday - Boycott

I was fit to be tied to open up my browser and see a picture of what looked like a Chinese communist on my google page. It turned out to be Chavez, to venerate his 86th birthday.
They could have put up Easter bunnies, Easter Eggs or even chosen to ignore it.
But no, they chose an outlandish and nefarious kick in the head to Catholics and Christians all over the world. I suppose we were lucky they didn't blow up pictures of their genitalia. Though I'm not sure it would have been any less offensive to me.
I couldn't delete google fast enough.
I immediately downloaded internet explorer 10.
I'll be getting rid of my gmail and switching the blog over to a forum outside of google.
I suggest you do the same.

When a respondent wrote in to say that the picture was Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Worker organizer and not Hugo Chavez, she tried to cover her gaffe but quite unsuccessfully, not knowing at first who Cesar Chavez was and certainly not knowing his Catholic ties and his deep Catholic Faith.  She tried to portray Cesar Chavez as a Communist writing
I'm sure your super intelligentsia won't get this, but whichever tyrant communist named Chavez they put up to insult Christians, they would have done less harm if they had put up kiddie porn and said bleep Christianity.

In interest of total disclosure, I refrained from printing part of her message because of a racist slur but as if this wasn’t bizarre enough, here is another  rejoinder she makes to one of her respondents who chided her over her failure to know what she was talking about.

TTC said...
Just for the record, long before the first time you dressed like a slut and went to barrooms to find irresponsible men willing to sleep with you, I was working against a group at the JFK School of Government named after Chavez who are stationed here in Boston to destroy the Roman Catholic Church as the first stage of destruction. They led the priests are perverts media blitz with some gays and a drunk lawyer who despises Christ.
Civil rights my foot.

This is one of the same neo-trads that went after Pope Francis for including women in the washing of the feet ceremony on Holy Thursday.  I tell you, it was a huge mistake to close the hospitals and put people like this back on the street.  I can only hope that Massachusetts does good background checks on gun buyers.  This lady is Belfry Betty.
Just so you don’t make the same mistake, let’s do a quick look at the late Cesar Chavez.    
Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) was born in Yuma Arizona.  His father was a local grocer but lost both his business and his home in the great depression.  The Chavez family moved to California where they became migrant workers, picking peas and lettuce in the winter, cherries and beans in the spring, corn and grapes in the summer, and cotton in the autumn.  He dropped out of school after seventh grade to work full time in the fields but joined the United States Navy at age 17 during World War II.  Even though it was war time, Mexican Americans in the Navy were allowed only to do menial work in the Navy and not to fight.   Chavez was discharged at the end of the War and returned to California and the fields.  He began organizing Latinos for voter registration and to report and expose police brutality.  In 1962 Chavez and Delores Huerta organized the National Farm Workers Organization , later known as the United Farm Workers.  They also organized a march on the State Capitol to bring attention to the rights of migrant workers.  A five year strike against the growers won support of Americans from across the country and made many Americans aware of the plight of migrant workers.   Like Martin Luther King, Chavez supported civil disobedience but insisted on non-violence. 
The nineteen sixties were a time when American Catholics became much more aware of the demands of the Gospel for Social Justice.  Chavez was a devout Catholic and many conscientious laity, religious, priests and even bishops rallied to his support for the Farm Workers.   According to Dr. Christopher Shannon, professor of History at Christendom College—no liberal and one of America’s most right-wing Catholic institutions—Chavez offered Catholics a model for faithful and effective civic engagement.  Writing last year in Crisis Magazine, Dr. Shannon made the claim that Chavez was “The last Catholic in America to achieve a ‘cultural/political synthesis’ that brought the Church’s social teaching into the public square.”  Shannon moreover wrote that Chavez contributed to the development of an authentic Catholic politics because of his ability “to speak a common language with non-Catholics” while attempting to enlighten them as to a deeper appreciation of Catholic Social thought. 
Chavez made several bad judgments in his career—most notably endorsing the Marcos Regime in the Philippines in an effort to win Filipino support for the Farm Workers. 
Chavez died in San Luis Arizona on April 23, 1993. Almost 40,000 people gathered for his funeral presided over by several bishops and dozens of priests. 
Chavez’ birthday, March 31, is a state holiday in Colorado, California, and Arizona.  This year President Obama suggested that all Americans take time to honor his legacy.  That is how his face happened to show up on Google and drive The Madwoman of Back Bay into her tirade.  Good heavens. 

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