Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just A Thought About the Apostolicity of Our Faith

 While I am thoroughly committed to the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council as implemented by Paul VI in the 1970 Missal, I am no fan of sloppy liturgy or a casual approach to public prayer.  However, looking at Rorate Caeli's recent postings, I can't
help but reflect that the Apostle Paul (or any of the other Apostles) would recognize immediately what Father Kelly is doing in photo 1 but probably be a bit mystified about what  Bishop Schneider is up to in photo 2   


  1. Bishop Manning once said that S. Cyril would be comfortable at S. Thomas, NYC.

  2. yes, I think by the time we get to the Patristic Era, and to the fifth century in particular, the Fathers would have figured it out, but I still think the Apostles would be baffled by the ritual until they heard the Books of the Law and of the Prophets being read and they saw the bread and wine and even then they would be somewhat akin to strangers in paradise.