Saturday, February 6, 2016

Introducing A Genuine Katholik Krazy

The American Loon 
I have a friend who is an executive officer for one of the more significant national Catholic organizations and he tells me stories of how the Super Krazies such as Judy Brown of the “American Life League” or Michael Hichborn of “The Lepanto Institute” or The National Catholic Register  or Michael Voris and his “Church Militant T.V.” have at one time or another piled on the various organizations and agencies affiliated with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in attempts to both undermine the work of the official Church and to discredit the fidelity of the Bishops and their Conference to the Deposit of Faith held by the Church through the centuries.   These groups are, for the most part, afraid to go after Pope Francis and the Holy See as that would be a “bridge too far” for the average Catholic to swallow their Kool-Aid, but they don’t hesitate to set their crosshairs on Cardinals Dolan or Wuerl or O’Malley or some of our better bishops such as Archbishop Cupich of Chicago or Bishop Kicanas of Tucson.  They paste together bits of rumor and isolated quotes and the occasional fact to set up mitered strawmen that they can attack without having to ground their accusations in any substantial fact. 
We in the Blogosphere are more like the local Monsignor—we draw the lower level krazies who lack the panache of a Michael Voris or a Judy Brown and who are driven not by the need to raise money for their various organizations or “internet t.v.” stations, but rather who are working out of deeply rooted rage that the Church is not faithful to them, or perhaps to put it more to the point: that the Church is on a course which threatens to undermine their political/social/economic/cultural biases. 
About a month ago, if you recall, I drew the attention of one such Krazie, a “FrankieB” who in two days posted 15 comments to my blog.  Rather than distributing them among the various articles to which they correspond, I had organized them into a single posting for your viewing pleasure.  Then, before I could post them, my comments box was deluged with about 90 more of Frankie’s comments, many of them expressing his anger and frustration that I wasn’t posting his/her comments.  S/He threatened to stop following my blog if I didn’t publish his/her comments.  Hey, problem solved.  Adios FrankieB. 
I will admit, however that I was a bit duplicitous, putting the postings aside figuring that I would publish them down the line “when it was safe to go into the water again.”
Well, I think we are up for a sequel.  FrankieB-2—first aka JimH, and now like the Geresene demoniac, Legion, has resurfaced.   I was warned that Frankie had multiple personalities as these types often do.  I have started to get more of the same genre of comments, equally inane and off the point, and an impatience that I am not choosing to publish them. That’s the fun of having a blog: the author gets to choose what he or she wants to publish and I don’t want to publish FrankieB or JimH or DonaldT or Mary Queen of Scots or any other blowhard who reads my blog only to see if his/her idiocies make the cut.  Well, that’s not quite true: I do want to publish Frankie’s/Jimmy’s original fifteen or so prattling’s as they provide a good example of the sort of rage/ignorance/narrow-mindedness that shapes the krazy perspective.  So, for your viewing pleasure, let me introduce to you our own FrankieB (or JimH or Joe L or whoever).

When right-wingers start blowing up liberals dining on lattes in Starbucks, give me a call. on What Ideology Do Rorate Caeli And ISIS Have In Common?

Right, we can expect more of the spineless appeasing of anti-Catholic liberals that Weurl & Co. have been doing for decades. That what led us into the mess we are in. If Catholics wanted spineless and gutless and effeminate leadership, we would have become Episcopalians. on Why They Are Afraid of Pope Francis 16

More nonsense from a pseudo-Catholic intellectual (are you one of those theologians at a "Catholic" college ?). Anybody who compares the garbage on the Left -- Pelosi, Kennedy, etc. -- with loyal Catholics who object to the Pope's half-assed attempts to appease anti-Catholic liberals is too stupid to have his or her own blog. Bet you don't have the guts to print this. on The Obamazation of Pope Francis V

Why don't you and your readers who think Catholic conservatives are more dangerous than ISIS go to the Mid East wearing "ISIS SUCKS" signs ? Put your money where your mouths are. on What Ideology Do Rorate Caeli And ISIS Have In Common?

I will say this: you are one of the most arrogant know-it-alls I have seen commenting on things Catholic. How much to pay you to go become an Episcopalian ? on Why They Are Afraid of Pope Francis 16

Are you as stupid as you write? ".... He was a key player in the advancement of Archbishop Lori, for example, from being Bishop of Bridgeport to Archbishop of Baltimore—a see that often carries a red hat with it. Lori and Burke—along with the infamous but influential Cardinal Bernard Law, formerly of Boston—were responsible for the allegations against the American nuns affiliated to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious." They weren't responsible for the "allegations" it was LOYAL Catholics, something you obviously wouldn't recognize if a pile of stained glass were to fall on your head. WE reported the nuns, and they were not "allegations" -- they were facts. The nuns, who were loyal only to "social justice" leftist nonsense, were quite content to undermine Church teachings to pursue their non-Catholic liberal political agenda. You must think we are as dumb as you to fall for your ignorant revisionism about the LCWR/NCAN. I bet liberals like you had no problem when on Why They Are Afraid of Pope Francis 16

Yeah, because Mass attendance has done great with the changes in the liturgy the last 50 years, right Khughes ? From 75% down to 25%. It's conservative churches that have grown the last 50 years, while liberal Protestants are nearly extinct. Your advice is to follow the Protestants, which is sort of like buying a baseball club and deciding the best way to win World Series is to pattern your team after the Chicago Cubs instead of the New York Yankees. FYI: If you're not a math major, the numbers are supposed to GO UP and not DOWN. on A Tea Party in the Catholic Church

Why don't all you liberals leave the Catholic Church ? We'd all welcome it and you can take your liberal stench with you. on Of Synods and Shepherds

Just what the Catholic Church needs...ecumenical outreach to a "church" which endorses sodomy and prenatal infanticide. Yes, that's the ticket, as Jon Lovitz used to say. Fortunately, this crap won't fly anymore than it will with the Anglicans. Good riddance. on That All May Be One

Actually, real Catholics who believe their Church is #1 oppose false ecumunism because we don't want to dilute and water down our Faith with the garbage theology of apostate Protestant retreads. Garbage should be removed from a home, not brought into it. on That All May Be One

Typical leftists nonsense. If you think conservatives like me will allow Leftists like you to send out hard-earned $$$ to support the political agenda of anti-Catholic Leftists (including left-wing WASPs, Jews, and blacks) , think again. Only in your warped world-view of moral equivalences can key moral issues regarding divorce/marriage/sexuality be cheapened by supporting bogus "social justice" nonsense as if increasing Food Stamp monies offsets butchering an unborn babies head. But for all I know, PF thinks the same thing. Personally, I think most Catholics have had it with social justice. The Church is FAR too obsessed with social programs and taking money from white, middle-class Catholics and giving it to black anti-Catholic bigots from the Congressional Black Caucus. Cut their $$$ off, and to those who say this is cruel and anti-poor I say...hey....who am I to judge, right ? Cuts both ways, libs. Enjoy the castor oil. on A Pope For Better and For Worse

"Personally, I think the Scholastics’ positivism regarding the human person have provided the seedbed for the semi-pelagianism...." Umm, how many 70-IQ liberals do you think actually know what this means ? Actually, how many can even READ it ? LOL Monica Hellwig was your teacher? Leave it to someone who supported Charles Curran and was at Georgetown (I guess you went there too), an apostate heretical institution supporting a whats-what of anti-Catholic Left wing garbage. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess. on The Importance of Humanism to Christianity

Oh, I see you gave me prime real estate by mentioning sweet !! Actually, I'm a bit different than most of the folks who you regard as the "KKs" -- I've never been to a TLM, am not a traditionalist....but am most definitely a conservative and not a liberal. And if there's one common bond that unites a liberal Catholic like you and other brain-dead liberals across the spectrum, it's your narcissistic self-righteous attitude. That and the fact that you aren't too smart -- anybody who gets a degree in religion has too much time on their hand. Try getting a job in the Real World -- aka the private sector -- with a degree in religion or theology and see how that translates. Reminds me of the loser who came to our office with a degree in "Black Studies" whatever the hell that is. Oh, and it's not liberal retreads like you who are the faithful Catholics. It's folks like me who support the Catholic Church against liberal garbage and your leftist anti-Catholic allies like on The Importance of Humanism to Christianity

You can call us the "Katholic Krazies" but you are the one who has a Comments section with no comments. Can't debate the slop you write, huh ? on The Importance of Humanism to Christianity

1.    The reactive (as opposed to responsive) tone of FrankieB’s comments. 
2.    The amount of unfocused anger that underlies these comments.
3.    The frequent recourse to ad hominem attacks rather than engaging the issues at hand. 
4.    The lack of knowledge of Catholic teaching
5.    The lack of actual knowledge about events, people, or how things work in the Church. 
6.    The anger at Church teaching and polity to the point of rejecting magisterial authority. 
7.    The racist and religious prejudices underlying many of the remarks. 
8.    The inaccurate reading of the original article and thus wrong conclusions that result. 
9.    Lack of confidence in current papal leadership
10.An anti-intellectualism that betrays a contempt for education 

We will explore these characteristics of a Katholik Krazie in the next posting. 


  1. Your post is a bit unfair to the American Loon which is a lovely bird.

    1. I know, but alas, I am unable to summon up true contrition

  2. Yup, consolamini,that is just about the same kind of rhetoric he plastered...or tried to...all over US Catholic about me. I see he has posted to Commonweal. I emailed them to be careful and why regarding letting him comment. He was still commenting there a week or so ago but I haven't checked lately. I think he has another new name on crux but, hey, they don't seem to care as I think they are getting desperate to have readership. John Allen's articles have been a bit pitiful lately. I know you probably won't post this but I just wanted to congratulate you on taking this guy on. He claimed we will be hearing about him and his group on CNN and Fox soon...I don't watch Fox but I haven't seen anything on CNN.

  3. I am a little surprised, Reyanna, that US Catholic and Crux don't edit their comments section No point giving these Krazies more oxygen

  4. Reyanna, I had noticed FrankiB (as he calls himself also) over at Commonweal. His usual spiel is to invite those of us who don't agree with him to join the Episcopalians. Rather charitable, not?