Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Krazies Are Coming; The Krazies are Coming

Hold On, Here We Go Again

Just a heads-up.  Get ready for the next krazy assault in the blogosphere.  President Obama is giving the eulogy at Beau Biden’s Funeral Mass on Saturday at Saint Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington.  The arch-krazies will be furious that Delaware Attorney-General and son of the Vice-President is being given a funeral Mass at all, but even the moderate krazies will be leading the torch and pitch-fork krowd about a Catholic Church being “desecrated” by that Kenyan-born Muslim pretender to the presidency being allowed in the church door, much less to speak from the ambo.  Forget charity; the lack of basic civility on occasions such as this is truly appalling.  No wonder John 11:35.  


  1. What is sad is that the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marraige Catholic politicians in attendance will be receiving the Blessed Sacrament at this funeral Mass.

  2. no, actually if you are familiar with the Gospels, what really troubles the heart of Jesus is that there will be people sitting there judging the worthiness of those going to Holy Communion.

  3. I wonder if anonymous above will be wondering if Rick Santorum is unworthy to go to Communion now that he has publicly dissented, in anticipation, from the teaching in the upcoming encyclical on the environment -- or are we back to the "Mater, si', magister, no" of another right-wing hypocrite, William F. Buckley in his response to the teaching of John XXIII? And please, let's not hear about any "hierarchy" of authoritative teaching -- if the looming environmental catastrophe ensue, there won't be any human beings around to violate the teachings mentioned in the post .... hierarchy indeed.