Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Nut Brigade Trots Out To Battle With Francis

Well, I am about halfway through Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Sii.  I, of course, am pretty impressed.  Not everybody is.  Here are some of the reactions from the better-known wingnuts. 
Rush Limbaugh: in his June 16 broadcast, ol’ Rush claims that the encyclical seems to confirm that Pope Francis is a Marxist.  He furthermore said that the scientific studies the Pope cites in the encyclical are “bought and paid for.”  The following day Limbaugh claimed that the Pope’s vision is for everyone to be living equally in misery and that he wants to drain the rich countries of their resources until they are rich no longer.  On his blog, Rush referred to the Encyclical as “The Pope’s Marxist Rant.” 
Greg Gutfleld of Fox News talked about Pope Francis’ “Marxist background" and called the Pope “The most dangerous person on the planet is someone who is seeking strange new respect from their (sic) adversaries, and that is what the pope is doing.  He wants to be a modern pope.  All he needs is (again, sic) dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street.”
Stuart Varney from Fox Business:        Varney links Pope Francis to one of Varney’s favorite shibboleths, Barack Hussein Obama, Kenyan-born pretender to the American presidency.  According to Varney the Pope and the pseudo-President are forming a policy alliance and are a “powerful force, a very powerful force, pushing left.”  Their plan is to tax the rich, tax fossil fuels, and redistribute the world’s wealth to the poor. 
Radio host Michael Savage: Savage declared on June 16 that the Pope “is a danger to the world.”  He went on in true pseudo-evangelical fervor to call Francis a “great deceiver,” comparing the Pope to the false prophet in the Book of Revelation who heralds the coming of the Anti-Christ. On a more secular tone, he also referred to the Pope as a “stealth Marxist” and an “eco-wolf in Pope’s clothing.”
English columnist James Delingpolem went after the pope for using “hackneyed language and extremely dubious science” comparing the Encyclical to the work of a 16 year old vomiting back “formulaic bilge and accepted faux-wisdom” to pass a exam.  He attacked the Pope for being wrong “scientifically,” “morally,” “theologically” and “economically.” 
 John Hinderaker wrote on the conservative blog, Powerline, that Pope Francis has “no ideas what he’s talking about.”  Hinderaker claims that the pope has a hostility towards free enterprise and the prosperity it creates. 
Christopher Monckton, British whacko extraordinaire, Third Viscount Monckton of Benchley and pretender to a seat in the House of Lords (talk about fantasyland) claims that the Vatican is controlled by Marxists and Environmentalists.  
 Right Wing Patriot Post claims: “Many Catholics in the U.S. take strong exception to the pope acting as a water boy for the UN.”  The Patriot Post also claims that the Encyclical is designed to “assist with the UN’s global climate treaty negotiations and the upcoming Paris summit—a treaty which would be more accurately called a “global economic control treaty”.”
What is really frightening is that most of the above would qualify for a gun license in any of these United States.  (Maybe not ol’ Rush, but the others.)  All they would need is a bell tower and we could be in deep doo-doo. And we haven't begun to hear from the Katholik Krazies yet, though I am sure we will.   

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