Thursday, January 7, 2016

Requiem for a Krazy

I went in this morning to post the first of my two postings in response to the Katholik Krazy “FrankieB” only to find my comments section flooded with almost seventy new comments (in addition to the original 20), the final being an ultimatum that I either publish his/her comments or s/he would no longer haunt my blog.  Problem solved.  I will not be publishing any of his/her comments.  Goodbye FrankieB.  And Good luck. 
It is not that I am unwilling to engage in dialogue but in all honesty FrankieB doesn’t want dialogue—from the comments s/he sent me s/he just wants a forum in which to expel his venom about Pope Francis, ecumenism, President Obama, Jews, Muslims, blacks, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Protestants, higher education, NBC, The New York Times, Nancy Peolosi, Cardinal O’Malley, and anything else s/he perceives to be “typical Leftist Nonsense.”  There is no substantial response to anything in my postings, just illogical rants about the topic in general.  I certainly post comments from people who disagree with me—when they can make a point or shed light on a different perspective but that is not FrankieB’s approach.  So let  him/her move on to other pastures but no comments will be posted here from Troll FrankieB. 
O, an one final comment Frankie—“it’s” not gone—it was supposed to be deleted and got posted by accident.  

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